Janice Motley MA

Holistic Health Practitioner

Integrative Bodywork using energy healing, sound, and

mindfulness disciplines to stimulate the body's own healing power.

Janice's passion for healing is evident if you have ever experienced an energy therapy session with her.  Her hands-on healing style is compassionate, loving, intuitive, subtle and direct. Trained in massage, Healing Touch, Reiki and sound healing, she brings together all her talents to create personalized integrative bodywork sessions for her clients.  Known as the healer for healers, she gently guides her clients in accessing the wisdom of their bodies in promoting optimum health and wellness.

Janice is also a student of Earth Medicine ceremonies and teachings along with Metaphysical studies.  Believing that there is unity in all healing techniques she often blends her knowledge into her signature sessions. Her clients gain insight and bring into harmony the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human experience. There are some who refer to her sessions as receiving a spiritual massage.

Janice has been a Usui Reiki Master and Instructor since 2007. She offers intimate classes with small groups and personalized one on one instruction. Her teaching style is gentle and compassionate allowing the student to discover their own Reiki path and style with ease and confidence. Janice accepts students from all lineages.  The classes focus primarily on hands-on work, followed by a strong mentoring relationship.  Attunements and certification are received at the end of each class.  

Janice has been an Energy Healer since 1999. Prior to starting her own practice, Janice spent 20 years in corporate management as a Human Resources Professional coaching others to succeed.  She then transitioned to what she loves and what she was meant to do with her life - helping others discover their true potential and passion to live full healthy lives. 
Holding a Masters Degree in Counseling enables her to recognize and address specific emotions as they come up during bodywork. Janice's sessions supports those living with chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and depression to live their best possible life. 

Signature Treatments: Heaven & Earth - Sounds & Stones
These signature treatments have been designed by Janice with the inspiration of her clients.  She has witnessed her clients be transformed from chronic pain, life threatening illnesses, stress, grief and depression to a place of deep awareness.  With her support, her clients become committed to taking control of their destiny, accepting life's transitions and move forward in life with ease.

Heavenly Healing Hands         
Experience the world of Energy Healing.  This blissful bodywork combines energy therapies of Reiki, Healing Touch, and Sound Healing.  Using light touch, this powerful treatment opens, harmonizes and balances the auric filed and the 7 major spiritual energy centers, known as Chakras, Wheels of Light.  Interspersed with the sacred sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, this session allows for deep relaxation and inner healing.  Aromatherapy may be used to enliven the senses.  This treatment is the most meditative and relaxing treatment for the mind and body. 

Sounds & Stones                   
Enjoy this healing energy treatment of Sacred Sounds, Crystals, and Stones. Honor yourself with an inward journey of nourishment, clarity and renewal.  This unique treatment is intended to relax you, relieve stress and stimulate healing, leaving you feeling refreshed, energized and self-confident with a greater sense of appreciation and purpose. This healing session may include some or all the gifts of the Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, rattles, hand-made Native American drum; smudging, crystals and her personal collection of river rocks. 

Appointments - at least 1 week in advance  
Cancellations - 24 hours notice please